Hyungseul EZI


                          PEN SYSTEM

· Touch & Sound, Touch & Screen, Ubiquitous Education System that combines with IT
  provides a wireless and long distance operation.
· OID sensor equipped EZ SMART PEN reads like a native speaker with videos, which reinforces
  students to speak English with fluency in real-life.
· Designed to suit various multimedia environment.
· Contents are suitable for Ubiquitous environment.

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WHAT is EZ Smart Pen?

1. It is fun
It touches off curiosity, and makes kids become
eager to learn, and want to study even more.

2. It is easy to use
Just turn on the power, and touch the book with
it. That simple!

3. It is handy
You can carry it anywhere, and use it anytime to
study English by listening to the native English
pronunciation, and watching fun animations.

4. It is inspiring
With this pen, you can turn any space into your
own English study room, and start learning at
your own pace and preference, with absolute privacy
and convenience.

5. It is versatile
You can use it for a wide variety of other purposes,
including learning foreign languages other
than English. It can even upgrade any books to
multi-media study references.

Hyungseul EZI EZ SMART PEN System
Scan and process 2-Dimensional pattern printings and display multimedia data on output devices PC, PDP, LCD,
Project, Wireless speaker, etc.
EZ SMART PEN Product Features System
· Usable on any PC.
· Integrated server / Contents Data total management
· Convenient recharging with a USB charger
· All the newly being developed EZI programs will be available in bookstores.
· Free upgrades without any downloading size restrictions.
· Easy installation with a CD.
· Users can view videos anywhere with the EZI program installed computer and supplied wireless USB.
Hyungseul EZ SMART PEN How to install

1. Install the EZI Program from a CD on the computer.

2. Click EZI Program and start installation.

3. Plug in the USB to the computer and check the
pop-up sign for“new device has been connected”.

4. Switch on the EZ SMART PEN.

5. Touch the image with EZ SMART PEN.

6. Switch off after use.
· Charging-easily rechargeable with cell-phone charger.

Users have the choice to select video mode, or voice mode.
 Voice Mode does not require any extra computer or set-up box. All you need is this one pen to
 enjoy over 300 EZ SMART PEN learning experiences.

How to set up and use the program
 Video Mode : Install the client program - touch the content with the EZ SMART PEN. The selected
 program will automatically start installing. Once installed, you don’t need to re-install again.
 Voice Mode : Turn on the power on the pen, and touch the content. You are now ready to enjoy.

Applicable Scope
 · Provides various video based materials and contents reflects well organized education curriculum.
  (Set-top Box connected to the TV, PDP, LCD monitor works wirelessly with the pen.)
 · Various video-stored stickers, posters, e-books and other printable teaching materials pops up
  on your computers by a touch with a EZ SMART PEN. ( increase user’s convenience & resolve
  location restriction )
 · EZI programs can be re-programmed to suit the contents and structure of the program.

Hyungseul EZI